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Accelerate your success and share your story to the world!

Are you currently getting the attention you deserve?

Delivering an incredible service or product is no longer enough... You need to be known! The market is a competitive, cold place that rewards those that get the most attention. To dominate your industry, you need to be delivering a message to the world about what you've accomplished and show how you stand out of your competition. We live in a digital world where people have access to all your competitors with the click of a button... So how are you going to differentiate yourself?

Here's your opportunity!

We give you the power to share your story with the world.


We've invented and reinvented the way that companies create relationships with the public and rapidly scale their businesses at the same time. We hold contacts at major publications, influential blogs, and a team that's worked in every facet of public relations. We're here to shine a light on your growth and success.

Our friends in the media will soon become your friends in the media, and together, we'll share the message of your company. Let us do the talking while you focus on your business; you're in good hands.

The Interview

TIME FRAME: 24 hrs
You will be interviewed by our senior editor to create a compelling story that's sure to grasp attention and optimize for virality.

Story Creation

TIME FRAME: 2-3 days
We have our team write the perfect story for you then submit it to you for approval. If it's not perfect, you get an unlimited amount of revisions until we make your vision come to life.


TIME FRAME: 5-10 days
Our team gets to work and we reach out to 500+ journalists related to your industry. We share your story with top media outlets that are sure to build your authority.

Go Live

TIME FRAME: 14-30 Days
Depending on how long the story took to create and get the green light - you're now in the media! We will let you know when it's picked up and shortly after we will give you a report of all the publications that shared your story nationwide


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Get featured in 200+ media outlets.

National online attention
in 30 days or less.

Viewership up to 100 Million

Massive SEO Benefits

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Guaranteed Google News #1 Spot!

Our Guarantee
100% Satisfaction
  • Your compelling story will be fully authored & featured on 200-700 High-Authority Media Outlets
  • You will be featured on Fox, NBC, CBS, CW, ABC network and their strong affiliate sites, guaranteed!
  • You will receive Google News Coverage with your story trending on the top spot
  • You will be featured on 1-3 Ultra-Platinum Authority Sites from Yahoo! Finance, Reuters, Digital Journal, Bloomberg, Business Insider, AP News, USA Today, Nasdaq, Morning Star, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and The Washington Post
  • You will have a 1on1 interview with our team to understand your story and help it come to life
  • You will receive unlimited revisions & full control until you are 100% satisfied with your story
  • You will be featured in both your local & national media publications
  • You will be published on the biggest news network in the world with over 850,000 Subscribers and RSS feeds which will promote you even further – Associated Press (apnews)
  • Your story will be Published on platforms including the Associated Press, Lexisnexis, Factiva, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Accesswire and more, which are subscribed by millions of industry leading journalists, media editors and bloggers
  • You will be able to add as many images, videos, links, animations, contact info and more…
  • Approximate total combined viewership for all platforms = 100 Million+
Plan Details & Pricing
Elite Authority PR Package

  • Fully Authored and Featured Story Just For You On 200-500 High Authority Media Outlets
  • 1-3+ National Level Media Site Features
  • ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, And Many Other Affiliate Publications At The Local And National Level
  • Unlimited Revisions of your article
  • Custom Made "As Featured On" Banner
  • Full Report Of Your Featured Listings



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Simon Brady

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Adam Nessim

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Simon Brady

Business PR National Media Attention

Simon Brady

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Adam Nessim

Business PR National Media Attention

Adam Nessim

Business PR National Media Attention