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Who I Am

My name is Caleb Arkie. Over the years, my clients have always enjoyed working with me and what I can provide as a professional: Design. I have worked with start-up companies assisting in marketing, and advertising by various mediums in local and nationwide campaigns. This has ranged from radio ad compilation, online and print newspaper advertisement, to online marketing funnels such as landing pages. With this experience in marketing, I have incorporated principals and techniques in my design style… So not only does everything look pretty, more importantly, it functions as purposed–bringing you more customers and clients. Arkie Media can meet your needs. Let's discuss your project at hand and we can determine your next big move!

Caleb Arkie


A little more about Caleb

Caleb has always been one to have a fascination for the arts. Throughout college, Caleb pursued design and multiple aspects of the profession. He relocated from Northern California to the Portland area where he worked as a full-time graphic designer and marketing assistant. He now lives in Southern Oregon operating as a freelance designer and specializing in WordPress and the Adobe Creative Suite.

Caleb is passionate about supporting the community, and giving back to organizations that serve orphans and widows throughout the world. When he’s not in front of the computer working away, Caleb loves singing and playing his guitar, getting outside and hiking in the great outdoors.